Diamond in the Groove

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Diamond in the Groove is a music blog started in early 2017 by me, musician and budding music fanatic George Pheby.  My desire to discover great music leads me to be constantly searching for new releases that excite and inspire me as much as they make me desperate to share my discovery with others.  The salient purpose of this website and blog is to provide my perspective on many new releases in the music world, hopefully turning my readers onto some fresh sounds along the way.  Whether or not I personally see musical merit in a record does not mean that I feel providing my opinion is invaluable, as I hope my reviews will encourage readers to listen to the music in question themselves and form their own opinions.  Moreover, I feel that music criticism engenders a healthy arena for informed discussion and debate on musical endeavours, encouraging music fans and enthusiasts to challenge their notions on what they look for in music.  Of course, my opinion is ultimately no more or less valid than anyone else’s; I am merely throwing my two cents in and providing a place for people to discover new music and hopefully be entertained by my writing in the process.  Naturally, all alternative opinions to my own are welcomed (and encouraged) to be voiced in any comments sections to get us all thinking and talking about music and what makes it so great.  In my opinion, it is this eagerness to discuss and debate new music that uncovers the diamonds in the rough.

“Music is THE BEST.” – Frank Zappa